Affiliated Student Organizations

A critical element of the “profession-ready” curriculum that INSCT offers, the Institute provides academic, organization, and technical support to three cross-disciplinary student organizations working in security and terrorism analysis, international humanitarian law, and postconflict justice.
SATSA_Logo SATSA is an interdisciplinary graduate and law student organization sponsored by the SU College of Law, Maxwell School, and INSCT. Each year it produces a journal and hosts a related conference.
Impunity_watch_Logo_Facebook Impunity Watch operates as both a law review journal  and news reporting site. Its goal is to alert the world to impunity issues as they arise and to provide open access to thoughtful, cutting-edge academic debate about impunity issues.
 syrian-accountability-project-logo Started at SU College of Law in 2011, the Syrian Accountability Project (SAP) is a cooperative effort between activists, non-governmental organizations, students, and other interested parties to document war crimes and crimes against humanity in the context of the Syrian Crisis.