Affiliated Student Organizations

A critical element of the “profession-ready” curriculum that INSCT offers, the Institute provides academic, organization, and technical support to three cross-disciplinary student organizations working in security and terrorism analysis, international humanitarian law, and postconflict justice.

Student-Run Organizations

Student Association on Terrorism & Security Analysis

SATSA is an interdisciplinary graduate and law student organization sponsored by the SU College of Law, Maxwell School, and INSCT. Each year it produces a journal and hosts a related symposium.


Syrian Accountability Project

The Syrian Accountability Project (SAP) is an internationally recognized cooperative effort between activists, non-governmental organizations, students, and other interested parties to document war crimes and crimes against humanity in the context of the Syrian Crisis. Now in its fifth phase, the project aims to produce non-partisan, high quality analysis of open source materials and to catalogue that information relative to applicable bodies of law; including, the Geneva Conventions, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, and Syrian Penal Law.

Syrian Accountability Project

Impunity Watch

Impunity Watch publishes cutting-edge coverage of cases before regional rights bodies, focusing on six core rights areas: 1) the right to life; 2) freedom of thought and belief; 3) freedom of expression; 4) the right to education; 5) the cross-cutting theme of disability rights; and 6) equal protection.

The related Journal of Global Rights and Organizations is a biennial academic journal run by Syracuse University College of Law students.

Impunity watch

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