Mission, Vision, & Goals

INSCT’s Mission

The mission of the Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT) is to perform interdisciplinary research, teaching, public service, and policy analysis in the fields of national and international security and counterterrorism.

INSCT’s Vision

With a vision of positively impacting security and counterterrorism law and policy throughout the world, INSCT draws upon the unparalleled expertise of its affiliated policy advisors, faculty, staff, and associates in order to address key and evolving challenges in national and international security,  counterterrorism, and postconflict reconstruction and to prepare the next generation of security and counterterrorism law and policymakers and practitioners.

INSCT’s Goals

  • INSCT will continue to place special emphasis on collaborating with national and international academic and practice-based institutes in order to advance common research and project goals.
  • To meet its public service mission, INSCT will conduct research, policy analysis, and other projects in consultation with government agencies, municipalities, universities, and other public entities that facilitate direct public service.
  • Remaining agile and anticipatory, INSCT will continue to account for the changing nature of global conflict and for developments in world politics in order to provide the most appropriate legal and policy advice.
  • INSCT’s faculty, staff, and associates will strive to deliver cutting-edge scholarship and a first-class educational experience for students and professionals.
  • INSCT will promote innovative educational programs and student engagement in advanced coursework through its certificates of advanced studies and other graduate programs.
  • Through structured guidance and support, INSCT policy advisors, faculty, staff, and associates will advance student-based research and analytical proficiency.
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