To Fly or Not to Fly? What’s Next for Drone Regulation Within the United States, with Reggie Govan

Speaker: Reggie Govan, former Chief Counsel, Federal Aviation Administration

Date: Jan. 24, 2018

Time: Noon

Location: Cortland Lecture Hall (Dineen 340)

Reggie Govan, the former Chief Counsel of the FAA, played an integral role shaping public policy at the cutting edge of aviation technology, and he has a deep understanding of the impact of rapidly evolving innovative technology systems and operations on the regulatory environment. He is one of the architects of today’s regulatory framework for expanding commercial drone operations, ensuring counter-drone security, and expanding performance-based rulemaking.

Govan is an advocate for a comprehensive reconsideration of the relative roles of federal, state, local, and tribal governments and of private industry to support low-altitude commercial drone operations.

Before joining the FAA, Govan served for 14 years as a corporate counsel with responsibility for a broad range of compliance issues as well as a Counsel to committees in the US House of Representatives and Senate. He also is a seasoned litigator.

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