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April 17, 2017

Category: Presentation/LectureIsrael’s Supreme Court Counterterrorism Jurisprudence: Mitigating Harm, But at What Cost?, with Yuval Shany

Israel’s Supreme Court Counterterrorism Jurisprudence: Mitigating Harm, But at What Cost?, with Yuval Shany
April 18, 2017 April 19, 2017

Category: ForumReligion, Politics, and the Costs of Bias: Community, National, and Global Perspectives

Religion, Politics, and the Costs of Bias: Community, National, and Global Perspectives

Category: Social/AwardsINSCT Graduation Ceremony

INSCT Graduation Ceremony
April 20, 2017 April 21, 2017 April 22, 2017 April 23, 2017

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    • Understanding Interdisciplinary Responses to International Terrorism & Violent Extremisms

      In partnership with Emory University, George Washington University, and the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Strategic Partnerships with Colleges and Universities—and with feedback from state and federal policymakers—graduate students in the College of Law and Maxwell School will share findings from their research on international terrorism and violent extremism. Topics include: The role of the UN in crafting international counterterrorism policy. Women’s leadership role in terrorist organizations. The importance of anti-extremist K-12 educational programs, such as Holocaust and atrocity education. Cross-cultural perspectives on what works in other settings (e.g., Israel, Egypt, Indonesia, Belgium, etc.). The experience of vulnerable communities…

    • Covered in Dust, Veiled by Shadow: Siege & Destruction of Aleppo Aleppo

      A white paper release, information session, and panel discussion on key crimes that happened during the Siege of Aleppo, Syria, and what is next for the city that fell in December 2016 and its people.

    • Assad’s Chemical Attacks and the US Response: The Operational, Strategic, and Legal Context Syria_panel

      Panel discussion with: William C. Banks, Director, INSCT Robert B. Murrett, Deputy Director, INSCT James Steinberg, University Professor, Social Science, International Affairs, & Law

    • The Law of Conflict: International Law in a Combat Environment, with CPT Brian Cox Law of Conflict

      CPT Brian L. Cox is the brigade judge advocate (BJA) for the Division Artillery (DIVARTY) brigade of the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, NY, a position he’s held since October 2015. As the BJA for DIVARTY, he is the primary legal advisor for the joint fires enterprise for the division. Before his current assignment, Cox was the trial counsel for 2nd Brigade Combat Team at Fort Drum from March 2014 until October 2015. His additional duties at Fort Drum include serving as a Special Assistant US Attorney and as a field screening officer. Before coming to Fort Drum, Cox…

    • New Allies in an Ancient Conflict Zone: The Middle East of Today & Tomorrow, with Maj. Gen. Eitan Dangot

      Maj. Gen. Eitan Dangot (Res.) is former Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (2009-2014), where he helped identify and implement the Israeli Government’s civil policy in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip. Prior to this position, he was a military secretary to three ministers of defense (2004-2009); Home Front Command Chief of Staff (2001-2004); and Head of Organization Department, Planning Directorate, IDF General Staff (1999-2001). Dangot holds an MBA (2014) from Bar-Ilan University. He comes to SU courtesy of the Our Soldiers Speak program.      

  • News

    • Syrian Accountability Project Releases Report on 2016 Siege of Aleppo Siege of Aleppo

      Siege, the blockade and subjugation of a city, is an ancient and enduring strategy of war, responsible for some of the cruelest events in modern conflict: the battles of Sevastopol during the Crimean War, of Leningrad during World War II, and of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. Add to these notorious examples the 2016 Siege of Aleppo, an attritional campaign of the Syrian Civil War that lasted 160 days, from July to December, pitting the victorious Syrian Arab Republic against a rebel coalition mixed into a civilian population of some two million. Taken together, the Battle of Aleppo, which began…

    • “Hard to Understand”: William C. Banks Talks to Bloomberg Law About Flynn Disclosure

      Flynn Faces Legal Action Over Russian Business Dealings (Bloomberg Law | April 26, 2017) William Banks, Director, Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism at Syracuse University, discusses potential legal charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn for not fully disclosing his business dealings with Russia. He speaks with Michael Best and Greg Stohr on Bloomberg Radio’s “Bloomberg Law.”

    • Modernizing the Military: Sean O’Keefe Speaks to DefenseNews Modernizing the Military

      (DefenseNews | April 23, 2017) As the Pentagon hands off innovation requirements to the private sector, what is the effect on the defense industrial base? Former Navy Secretary Sean O’Keefe (an INSCT Affiliated faculty Member) and William Lynn, the CEO of Leonardo’s DRS Technologies, discuss the changing landscape and the latest efforts to deliver advanced technologies to the war fighter.  

    • Building a Case: CNYCentral Features Syrian Accountability Project Syrian Accountability Project

      Syrian Accountability Project: Matt’s Memo (CNYCentral | April 19, 2017) When Syrian President Assad ordered the Sarin Gas attack on his people April 4th word quickly spread around the world of the suffering. The video of children struggling to survive captured America’s attention. The act and those pictures prompted the Trump Administration to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles from the Mediterranean Sea. That chemical attack also triggered a protocol set in place by Professor David Crane of the Syrian Accountability Project. He instructed his team of highly engaged graduate students to compile a White Paper that described the Sarin gas attack.…

    • Syrian Accountability Project Releases New Report on April 4 Chemical Attack in Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack in Khan Sheikhoun

      The Syrian Accountability Project, an initiative at Syracuse College of Law, is unveiling new evidence that the catastrophic gas attack of the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun was a crime against humanity and a war crime. The 45-member organization, staffed by College of Law students and led by Professor David Crane, a former war crimes prosecutor, has released its latest white paper, “Idlib Left Breathless: A Report on the Chemical Attack in Khan Sheikhoun.” The paper details the April 4, 2017, attack that killed at least 87 people and injured more than 500. The paper offers compelling evidence that the…