Open Position: INSCT Director

The Syracuse University College of Law seeks a dynamic and imaginative leader, who is also an accomplished national security law and policy academic, to guide and develop the globally recognized Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism. The new Director will lead with a commitment to the Institute’s legacy of excellence and a strong vision of its future in an evolving security landscape.

Founded in 2003 by a highly respected national security thought-leader, INSCT emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach as it prepares the next generation of profession-ready attorneys, policymakers, and practitioners with innovative courses in support of its law and graduate certificates of advanced study (CAS). Based on top-notch interdisciplinary teaching, incisive research and policy analysis, and public service, INSCT is a leading voice in the national and international security community.  

INSCT is a partnership between Syracuse University’s College of Law and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, conferring certificates to students taking law and/or master’s degrees in public affairs and international relations. Other cross-campus, national, and international partnerships are critical to INSCT’s academic and research initiatives, enhancing educational opportunities and providing key collaborators on projects, conferences, and workshops.

The Institute also works closely with national security professional organizations—especially the ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security—helping to set the field’s pedagogical parameters and contributing timely policy advice.

Among the INSCT’s programmatic highlights (see also the INSCT Fact Sheet):

Providing strategic and conceptual direction, the Director will work with INSCT’s staff and affiliated faculty to continue the Institute’s track-record of academic excellence; widen its research spectrum; represent the Institute, colleges, and University to multiple stakeholders; and ensure that the Institute remains agile and responsive to new security trends, while growing sustainably.

Candidates for the Directorship will be expected to:

  • Shape INSCT’s security-related research agenda for the 21st century, by exploring forward-looking areas of inquiry.
  • Continue the Institute’s innovative interdisciplinary pedagogy.
  • Advance INSCT’s partnerships across the University and with its domestic and worldwide programmatic partners.
  • Work with the colleges’ advancement teams to seek new sponsorship opportunities that underwrite research and academic offerings.
  • Develop new revenue-generating programs that leverage the Institute’s expertise in legal and policy consultation, risk and security assessment, national security pedagogy, and public affairs.
  • Strengthen ties to INSCT’s extensive alumni community.
  • Re-vision the Institute’s internal and external communications strategy while maintaining the Institute’s global visibility.