Certificate of Advanced Study in Security Studies

The CAS in Security Studies is a 12-credit, interdisciplinary program for law and graduate students preparing for careers in national security, homeland security, cybersecurity, and counterterrorism.
The connections I made in my classes have been essential to building my professional network. I was given unique opportunities to explore domestic and international legal issues, and I recommend INSCT to any law student interested in national security, intelligence, or international law. —Colin Tansits (JD/MPA ’17)

Certificate students collaborate across a range of subjects, benefitting from faculty expertise in national, international, and homeland security; international law and atrocity law; military operations and defense strategy; counterterrorism law and policy; counter-proliferation; diplomacy and international relations; mass communication; cybersecurity and cyberespionage; conflict and postconflict studies; and more.  Alumni form an extended, active, and influential network, boosting INSCT’s reputation as a “go to” organization for shaping discourse on security challenges and for training the next generation of scholars and practitioners. Students also can join the INSCT-supported Student Association on Terrorism and Security Analysis.

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Who Can Apply?

The CAS in Security Studies is available to matriculated SU law and graduate students. Interested students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to visit the INSCT office during the spring semester of their first year to register for the certificate and to discuss a course plan with staff.

Interdisciplinary coursework for the CAS in Security Studies aims to provide students the following outcomes:
Understanding of central security themes: globalization, global security, foreign policy, and models of conflict, particularly the role nation-states and international organizations play in the modern global system. 
Knowledge of a range of theoretical frameworks necessary to contextualize traditional and non-traditional security threats.  
Ability to think creatively about complex problems in order to produce, evaluate, and implement innovative solutions, often as a team-member.
A grounding in focused topic areas, such as international cybersecurity, security strategies in the Middle East, threat and risk assessment, and public relations.
Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, to a range of professional audiences.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Interested students should first consult with their Faculty Advisor who will determine whether the student can pursue the CAS in Security Studies, consistent with the requirements of his/her degree program.
  2. Students then must complete the Graduate School Internal Admission Application Form, signed by the students’ department representative. This application should be submitted to the INSCT office during the fall semester of the student’s first year in his or her graduate program.
  3. Students also must fill out a Proposed Program of Study Form and submit it to the INSCT office.
  4. The Professional Profile Form helps us connect you with our professional network. Please fill this form out and submit it to the INSCT office.

If you require more information, contact the INSCT office at insct@syr.edu or 315.443.2284.

How Do I Receive the Certificate?

  • Law and graduate students must file a diploma request form on MySlice (and update their addresses). Filing on MySlice activates the certification process and awarding of a degree. Click here for more information.
  • You will be reminded by INSCT in February/March of your final year to complete the Diploma Request Form and to submit your Final Program of Study Form.
  • Projects or courses otherwise not listed may qualify for credit subject to approval by the Program Director. To petition to have non-listed study qualify for the CAS, complete a Waiver Petition Form and submit it to the INSCT office.
  • The Program Director will recommend granting the CAS in Security Studies to students who have met all of the requirements and who are in good standing.

What Are the Requirements?

  • Students must complete 12 credits (six from the required course list and six from the elective course list—see below).

Course Options

Fall 2018 Courses

1) Required Courses—take a minimum of six credits from the following:

Central Challenges in National Security Law and Policy (PAI 730/LAW 883)
Comparative Civil-Military Relations (PSC 785)
International Security (PAI 717)
National Security and Counterterrorism Research Center (LAW 822)
National Security Law (LAW 700)
US Defense Strategy (PAI 739)
US Intelligence Community: Governance and Practice (PAI 738)
US National Security and Foreign Policy (PAI 718/PSC 706)
Working at INSCT helped me to get my dream internship in the field of cybersecurity, and I can look back having earned many valuable insights for my future career. —Benedikt Abendroth, MAIR ’15

2) Elective Courses—take six credits:

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NOTE: Elective courses change each semester.


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