INSCT Databases & Datasets

As part of its sponsored multidisciplinary research and work on policy analysis, INSCT maintains the following datasets and databases:

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Muslim State Armed Conflict & Compliance (MSACC) Dataset: 1947-2012

The extensive MSACC Dataset consists of three parts:

  1. Total Data—Details of all conflicts in which a Muslim state was a party, from 1947-2012.
  2. Muslim Constitutions & Sharia Density—Analysis of Muslim-majority state constitutions and the extent to which they adhere to the tenets of Sharia and/or the UDHR.
  3. Compliance with International Humanitarian Law—A variation on the MSACC Dataset: Total Data. This analysis is based on the number of times a state was involved in a conflict, whereas the MSACC Dataset: Total Data is based on the number of conflicts that actually occurred.
 The faces of Barahona

Veterans Research

INSCT is collaborating with SU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science and Institute for Veterans and Military Families on a series of multi-method veterans research projects that are providing novel, critical data on attitudes toward the post-secondary education of former military personnel—particularly in the science, technological, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields—in order to leverage veterans’ skill sets and to help them remain productive citizens.


Cyber Incidents of National Significance (CyberINS)

At the core of this research is the premise that the goal of securing cyberspace must be grounded in an empirical portrait of actual cyber conflict behavior and security norms. The CyberINS online database draws upon published vulnerability data and processes it through a set of scoring rules to identify cyber incidents with potential national security implications. As far as INSCT can determine, CyberINS is the only dynamic cyber incidents tool that uses open source data, adds research-driven analytical determinations to existing cyber incident reporting, and makes empirical assessments about cyber events in terms of their national significance.


Postconflict Research Database

The Postconflict Research Database & Analysis Project stores cross-indexed bibliographic information on hundreds of journal articles, books, book chapters, and case reports that address the broad, interdisciplinary fields of postconflict stabilization, reconstruction, and peacebuilding.

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Mutual Aid in the United States

This project investigates mutual aid systems and “intrastate mutual aid compacts” that incorporate all disciplines or sectors and all political subdivisions of the state.

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Domesticating the Drone

The Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT) is tracking the policy debate surrounding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles/unmanned aerial systems (UAVs/UAS) in the domestic airspace. This interactive map shows the state of commercial, personal, and law enforcement UAV legislation enacted, pending, or proposed for the 50 United States.

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