Staff & Faculty Publications

INSCT staff and faculty—as well as alumni and students—have an extensive and distinguished publishing record in the fields of national security and counterterrorism law and policy, led by INSCT Director William C. Banks.

Staff Publications

Banks, William C.
Murrett, Robert B.
Perrin, Keli
Zoli, Corri

Faculty Publications

Bennett, David H.
Boroujerdi, Mehrzad
Chin, Shiu-Kai
Crane, David M.
de Nevers, Renee
Deppa, Joan
Elman, Colin
Elman, Miriam
Gouldin, Lauryn
Helfman, Tara
Hermann, Margaret
Hromadzic, Azra
Kim, Andrew
Kriesberg, Louis
Longstaff, Patricia
McKnight, Lee
O'Keefe, Sean
Nabatchi, Tina
Rubinstein, Robert
Sales, Nathan
Smullen, William
Snyder, William
Steele, Abbey
Steinberg, James B.
Steinberg, Laura
Taylor, Brian
True-Frost, Cora
Van Slyke, David